Tipsy Trivia Event FAQ

Q: Do we need tickets to attend the event, even if we’re not playing?
A: Yes. All people present must have tickets, even if they aren’t planning on answering questions. This is for several reasons including the buildings capacity, and for fairness of competition.

Q: Our team has 6 people and another friend wants to come, can we be a team of 7?
A: No. We have the number of people at a maximum of 6 for a few reasons. 1) To ensure ease of seating arrangements in different venues. 2) Larger teams tend to get louder when trying to share answers, putting them at a disadvantage. 3) Trying to keep things as close to equal as possible. Teams of 7,8,9 would likely fair better than teams of 2.

Q: I didn’t get tickets but my friends and I want to come, what can we do?
A: Feel free to contact us if you didn’t get tickets in time. If we are able to secure more seating we will contact you. We also recommend following our local facebook page for your city, some of the more popular topics will happen 2-3 times a year (with new questions, themes and prizes) so fans can get a second chance at joining in.

Q: I’m no longer able to attend, can I get a refund?
A: if you make your refund request 48 hours prior to the event time we are more than happy to refund your tickets. If you choose not to attend the event, refunds will not be issued. Many of our events have waitlists of dozens of people hoping to get in, feel free to post on the Facebook event if you have tickets you’re no longer able to use.

Q: Can I bring outside food/Drinks?
A: No. Bars and Restaurants prohibit outside food and drinks.

Q: It says ‘No Cell Phones’ during trivia, what if I use mine?
A: We won’t physically stop you from using your phones, however if you cannot refrain from using them during the question periods, your team may be disqualified from prizing. That means you can still play the trivia, but you cannot win the prizing. Servers, Managers and hosts are all watching for use of phones during question rounds.

Q: Can minors come to the trivia?
A: While Tipsy Trivia doesn’t exclude minors, most venues licenses do. Check with the venue about allowing minors. Standard entry rules and requirements of valid ID apply.

Q: I want to see ___________ Trivia, can you make that happen?
A: Absolutely! We are always looking for suggestions for themed trivia nights, we often send our surveys to guests asking for suggestions on what they would like to attend.

Q: Can I resell my ticket.
A: While we encourage groups to buy tickets for them and their friends, we ask that if you are not attending you request a refund for your ticket. This allows us to resell your ticket, and for us to have the proper contact information to keep the new ticket holder up to date. We will typically refund tickets upon request 48hrs prior to the event.

Q: I don’t have a Credit Card to purchase tickets, what other methods will you accept as payment?
A: We may accept E-Transfers for tickets. Please get in touch.

Q: It says the Ticket is $10, but its charging me more. Why?
A: EventBrite charges ticket fees in the neighborhood of 15% as well as the standard government taxes.

Q: I think that my answer should have been accepted for a question but it wasn’t. Who do I talk to?
A: We research as much as possible to have the most accurate questions and answers. We will try to verify everything is correct before asking questions, but occasionally there will be discrepancies. If we are doing a movie trivia, we will not accept answers from the book and vice versa. Our primary source will be the movie/show and using the shows wikia for backup confirmation. Other sources will generally not be accepted. For movies with extended or director cut versions, we will specify which version that questions will be sourced from.

Q: I was unhappy with the service at the Bar/Pub where trivia was held.
A: If there were problems with the quality of food or service, we would like to know as it is part of the overall experience for our events. While we will pass the information along to the venue, you must personally contact the venue if you would like any compensation. If venues are unable to accommodate the volume of our events, we will find venues better suited.

Q: I was unhappy with the host during trivia, who do I talk to?
A: If you were unhappy with the host, please bring it to our attention by contacting admin@tipsytrivia.ca we take these matters very seriously.

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